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Filbert's Tree

A tree which has stood on the southeast corner of Richmond & Pennsylvania for over a century may indeed be saved from the city’s chainsaws. After noticing a big white X on the tree across the street, Hillcrest native Filbert Vigil spoke out for the neighborhood landmark, and he’s been able to make a difference by getting his community involved.

Filbert outreached to the Hillcrest Town Council, Councilman Todd Gloria’s office, the city and KUSI’s Michael Turko taped this piece that was shown several times on San Diego's KUSI for a number of days.

Close up of tree

HTC board member Luke Terpstra spoke on behalf of the community thanking the city for giving the tree a reprieve until it can be "analyzed by several sets of educated eyes" according to the city’s General Services Director Mario Sierra who said that the city would also consider adding a pop out around the tree, one of only three of this variety located in San Diego.


Courtesy of Hillquest.

Hillcrest Town Council meets at 6:30pm each second Tuesday of the month at the Joyce Beers Community Center, located in the heart of Hillcrest on Vermont Street in the Ralphs shopping center.

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